KZ ZEX Pro Wired Earphones In-Ear Electrostatic Dynamic

KZ ZEX Pro Wired Earphones In-Ear Electrostatic Dynamic
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KZs first Electrostatic Dynamic Balanced hybrid earphones are integrated with three high performance sound units. The superior structure is supplemented by precise tuning, and the sound of the heavens blooms between square inches.
6.8mm electret sounding unit, the electrostatic field formed by the change of two electrode plates, the extremely thin diaphragm produces sound under the uniform driving of electrostatic force, compared with other sounding units of the same specification, the low-voltage electrostatic unit has superior performance.
The 2PIN interface can be freely assembled to upgrade the wire, and can also be equipped with a KZ Bluetooth-compatible module to upgrade to a Bluetooth-compatible headset.
The sensitivity of ZEX Pro in the high frequency range of 20-40kHz is better than that of moving iron headphones. Thanks to the inherent advantages of the electrostatic unit, the high density and detail reduction ability greatly improve the high frequency ductility.
Collect thousands of human ear data models and accurately match the ear structure of mainstream people to ensure that the headset provides a comfortable, safe fit and effective noise isolation.

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