Dreame H12 Intelligent Cordless Vacuum

Dreame H12 Intelligent Cordless Vacuum
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Electrolysis Water, Silver Ion and Dreame Detergent Sterilization

Tap water in the clean water tank can be electrolyzed into strong acid in 30s with just a tap to kill 99.9% bacteria. The waste water tank with silver ion antibacterial agent can remove gem, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Common coccus aureus and nasty odor in the dirty water for sterilization. Comes with Dreame Floor Cleaning Proprietary Detergent.

Clean Water Tank & Waste Water Tank  

Mop self-cleans while it wipes, waste water will flow to the waste water tank and clean water will flow out to wipe the floor, preventing streaks and other marks littering your newly mopped floor. The serrated teeth can penetrate and comb brushroll hair to scrape away filthy dirt hidden in the bristles.

Self-Clean & Dry Brushroll

Brushroll dries indoors tending to generate bacteria, mold and odor, it will become dirtier as time passes and the brushroll fiber will become harder causing decreased cleaning ability. Dreame H12 brushroll can be self-cleaned and hot air dried to bring you fluffy, dry, refreshing mop.

Spinning Brushless Motor, Brushroll Motor and Brushroll

In addition to the turbo brushless motor(74000rpm) and the brushroll motor(9300rpm), the brushroll also spins(540rpm) to easily scrub floor and remove stubborn stain. Optimized air duct design reduces suction loss for energy saving.

Smart Floor Staining Level Sensing

Stick vacuum cleaner can automatically sense the floor staining level with the value shown on the LCD display indicated by halo size and automatically boost or decrease suction level & water volume to fit for different floor staining level.

Long Battery Life & Self-propelled  

With 36min battery life and 850ml clean water tank, wet & dry stick vacuum cleaner can clean a 200 square meters area. The stick vacuum cleaner is self-propelled so you don’t need to push it around to save your effort.

Corner & Edge Cleaning

25cm long brushroll with lining can snugly move along the borders to wipe clean dirt on edges, at corners, and in narrow space without leaving black streaks. 



Brand: Dreame 
Type: Vacuum & Washer
Model: H12
Color: Gray

Specification Machine power: 300W
Power capacity: 4000mAh
Host motor speed: 74000 RPM
Battery life: about 36 minutes
Water tank capacity: 850ml
Sewage tank capacity: 500ml
Charging time: 3h
Drying time: 2h
Weight & Size Product Weight: 5kg
Package Contents

Handle module X1
Body X1
Charging base X1
Accessory bracket X2
Power adapter X1
Cleaning brush X1
Spare filter element X1
Spare rolling brush X1 

 User Manual X1 

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