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Aufero Laser 2 LU2-4 SF Laser Engraving Machine 10,000mm/min 24V/2A High Precision Engraving Area 390x390mm

Aufero Laser 2 LU2-4 SF Laser Engraving Machine 10,000mm/min 24V/2A High Precision Engraving Area 390x390mm
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LU2-4-SF Short Focus

Luminous Power: 4,500-5,000mw

Compared with LF, it has a smaller spot and is more suitable for engraving.

[Easy to install within Twenty minutes]

[Perfectly Compatible With Software]

● LaserGRBL (Free)—Basic and easy-to-use

Compatible with Windows from XP to W10 / Linux. Supports JPG / PNG / BMP / DXF / NC, etc.

● LightBurn (Paid)—Advanced and highly customizable

Compatible with Windows from XP to W10 / Linux / Mac OS. Supports JPG / PNG / BMP / DXF / NC, etc.

[10,000mm/min Engraving Speed]

● Framework with a low center of gravity design

● v1.8 Firmware

Using the latest Ortur Laser 1.8 series firmware, the engraving quality can be guaranteed even at a running speed of 10,000mm/min.

● 9th Generation ESP32 Motherboard

[Four Safety Protections]

● Active Position Protection

Active Position Protection via G-shock sensor.

● Active Connection Control

Stop engraving if the PC is disconnected or crashed.

● Exposure Limitation

Exposure Limitation that turns off the laser if there is no movement for a long time. (prevent burning holes in your table or start a “garage fire”)

● Power Safety Control System

Power Safety Control System that cuts off the power supply to the laser module if the power input is abnormal. (not within the range of 21-27V).

[Fuse Overcurrent Protection Function]

The laser module will be cut off after shutdown, and the power supply will be cut off if the power input is abnormal (not within the range of 21-27V).

[390×390MM Engraving Area]

No limit switch with AL2 (manual reset)



Brand: Aufero
Type:  Laser Engraving Machine 
Model: Aufero Laser 2 LU2-4-SF
Color: Silver


Motherboard: OLM-PRO-V1.2 Motherboard, with 32Bits ESP32MCU
Firmware: V1.80 series Firmware
Safety Precautions:  1. Active Position Protection
                                  2. Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation
                                  3. Laser Beam Safety Guard
                                  4. 24V Power Delivery System
                                  5. Power control system, if shut down the machine, it would cut the power

Add-ons:   1. Aufero Control Box (Offline Controller)
                  2. Adjustable Z-axis Lifting a
                  3. YRR 2.0 Rotary Roller
                  4. Detachable Cover
Frame Materials:   Aluminum  Acrylic
Motors: NEMA 17 Stepper Motors
Mechanical Precision:  Y:12.5um X:12.5um
Pixel Accuracy:  Adjustable (Default: 300 pixels per inch, about 0.81um Pixel Accuracy)
Engraving Area:  390mm x 390mm
Available Laser Modules: (Luminous Power: 4,500-5,500mw)
Wave Length: 445±5nm
Focus: Fixed Focus
Default Focal Length: 50mm(from the heat sink to the object)
Control Mode: PWM
Power Rate: SO-S1.000
Engraving Speed:0-10,000MM/Min
Baud Rate: 115200-921600 (Default: 115200)
Computer OS: Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 (LaserGRBL)
                     Mac and Linux (LightBurn)
Control Softwares: LaserGRBL (free), LightBurn (Paid Software)
Input Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, SVG, etc.
Available Materials of Engraving: Leather,- Wood Board, Paperboard, Black Acrylic, Food, Stainless Steel, Power Coated, Metal. etc.
Available Materials of Cutting: Leather, Wood Board, Paperboard, Black Acrylic, Felt Cloth. Dark Color Plastic Sheet(Melt), etc.
Input Voltage: 10V-220V (Compatible).
Power Adapter Output: 24V/2A
Operating Temp: 0

Weight & Size Product Weight: 3.0kg
Package Weight: 4.16kg
Product Size(L x W x H):  582x580x140mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 630x290x110mm
Package Contents   

1× LU2-4-SF Laser Module
1× Thumb Screw
1× Focal Gauge Board
1× Focal Gauge 
1× Y-axis Left Part
1× Y-axis Right Part
1× X-axis Upper Part
1× X-axis Front Part
1× X-axis Rear Part
1× Laser Wire
4× M5 Cap Nuts
4× M5x25mm Screws
 M5x8mm Screws 
4× ।M5 Spacers 
4× Wrench 
1× 3.0mm Allen Wrench
12× Cable Ties
1× Anodised Aluminum Plate for Adjusting Focus
1× Acrylic Plate for Testing
4× Wooden Plates for Testing 
1× Power Adapter
1× USB Cable
1× Brush
1× Laser Goggles
1 x User Manual


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